When fixing long is the simplest and best way forward.

When fixing long is the simplest and best way forward.

Lets explore the wisdom of considering fixing your home loan for the longer term. A three to five-year fixed rate can be a big commitment. Especially when considering that break fees can apply to changes during that term. Making the right choice is simpler than you think.

If you can answer yes to these three questions then long term could be the way to go. Remember, seeking advice from a financial advisor(like us) is always a wise move, before any commitment is made.

Question 1: Are You Rooted in Place?

First things first, do you love your current abode and plan to stay put for the next three to five years? If you’re content with your home and not looking to sell or upgrade anytime soon, a longer-term fixed rate might be your ticket to financial stability.

Question 2: Can You Weather the Storm?

For those embarking on life-changing events like starting a family or considering maternity leave, financial security is vital. If you foresee a potential decrease in income or have concerns about affordability, a fixed-rate mortgage can shield you from fluctuating interest rates and offer peace of mind.

Question 3: Time – Your Cosmic Ally:

Time is a key factor when considering a long-term home loan fix. If you have a long-term horizon ahead, perhaps a decade or more, locking in a three to five-year fixed rate allows ample time for market fluctuations to even out. In that you have enough time to even out some wrong bets. It’s all about hedging your bets and ensuring a well-thought-out strategy.

Partial Fixing: A Nifty Solution:

If you confidently answered yes to all three questions, congratulations! Long-term fixing could be the right path for you. However, for those with a slight hesitancy, consider the option of partial long fixing. Collaborate with a financial advisor like us, to determine the percentage of your loan that should be fixed for the longer term – it’s a prudent approach that maximizes flexibility while enjoying the benefits of a fixed rate.

Navigating the realm of long-term home loan fixes requires thoughtful consideration. By evaluating your intentions, financial capacity, and time horizon, you can embark on a journey that secures your financial future.

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