Tips for Trading up your home

Tips for Trading up your home

When it comes to houses, sometimes bigger is better. It is safer to sell and buy within a short space of time. This is to minimize any potential change in the market for the worse.

The right budget

Getting your numbers done nice and early means you don’t fall in love with the wrong dream. As mortgage advisers we can get a home loan approval which is conditional on you selling. Even if you feel you are in strong position it is vital to have a formal approval in place before letting go of your existing family home.

If you would like to talk to through any scenarios, we can do this for you early on.

What is the right sell price?

It is important to be aware of what your home might sell for before getting your heart set on the new home. Real estate agents can be a great source of information however there is a snag. The real estate industry rewards optimistic behavior, in that you are not going to sell your home with the agent who gives you the lowest price estimation.

So doing your own homework becomes important and luckily there is a lot of solid information you have access to. Find out what similar houses have sold for lately. Check out some auctions to get a good feel for the market. Most real estate agent websites give access to live auctions. Sale prices are public information, so real estate agents can give you this information.

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