Many things can go wrong but insurance can protect you from some of the worst of them.

What can you insure? What should you insure, and how?

Let us help you answer these questions…

Insure your income

Many people do not realise how affordable income protection insurance can be. Below is a quote for insuring an income of $40,000 with payments being made to a client should they be unable to work due to illness or accidents (right up until retirement). Call or email me for an accurate quote for you.

Insure your income

Life insurance and income protection policies are very popular among the self employed. But the implications of a claim in relation to tax and other government benefits are sometimes overlooked. Tax refund The premium you pay on income protection insurance is tax deductible.

Cover your health

Your health is probably the most important asset you have and has a major impact on your ability to earn an income. Health insurance can provide you with quick, high-quality health care for non-acute problems or problems which might otherwise see you waiting in the public health system. 

Useful insurances to have

Here are some of the types of insurance cover available to you. It is a short list of insurances that can protect you from some of the worst of life’s misfortunes. House and contents When you get a mortgage all lenders make it compulsory for you to have at least the house insurance in place.

Saving money on premiums

It seems that you can just about insure anything and everything these days, you can insure against losing your job, against developing a health problem and even against breaking your furniture. The type of insurances you end up buying really depends on what you want to protect the most.