Changes to development rules with new National Government

Changes to development rules with new National Government

More development and then more and then less? The last few years have been a roller coaster in many ways, working out what you can build may leave you scratching your head even more. Some would say the Unitary plan opened the flood gates but then in 2020 we saw the Auckland plan change 78. This promised even more density with your neighborhood being able to breathe down your neck standing three stories high.

Looks like the new government might be planning to get the old/new Unitary plan(2017/16) back together by throwing away big bits of of PC78(the 3 levels everywhere). The shine might return again to the Unitary plan zoning we had which meant zoning like Mixed Housing Suburban, Urban and Terrace house and apartment, would dictate the level of intensification.

The government may look to keep intensification along the main corridors of transport and shopping. But this change may mean a lot of Auckland Suburbia can breathe a little easier, with it becoming a less intense.

Interestingly we now also have the release of the new Auckland flood zone viewer. Which would also indicate some further restrictions possible based on data from the 2023 crazy rain season.

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