Building the right number of properties with confidence

Building the right number of properties with confidence

With many of our main centers changing quickly, how would you go about building? There are many ways to approach the build and some safer than others.

Is it really possible though to squeeze so many in?

Many things have changed talking to resource consent specialist early on can give you clarity on possible options. Changes in the density rules and height to boundary have all been in favour of more houses lately.

Should I build many or one?

Just because you can do many, it doesn’t mean you have to. Getting your numbers done for the as is value and end value is vital. So getting professionals, such as accountants, valuers and mortgage advisers to give feedback on assertions is important. By using a smart planner(such as Mt Hobson Group) you can also structure it in a way that leaves room for future development. The key bit from a mortgage advisers perspective is to understand what lenders will funds early on. There is no point in getting the smartest plan consented if the build can never be funded. Building to rent article.

I run out of funds midway through the build

Its actually a bad spot to be in, lenders do not like to take on a half finished project so it is imperative to understand your budget before you start. Having a backup plan, like separating titles or staged consents can mean that selling down to complete the build can become an option.

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